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Hiring Car Spray Painter? Here are some tips for you

Car spraying is a daily job of professionals. But if you are thinking of doing it yourself, think again! Paint that is sprayed through the spray wand can be harmful to you. That’s why car spray painter Melbourne suggests the following tips.


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So, let’s explore each tip one-by-one so that you paint your car the right way.


1) The respirator is a Must


No matter at what time you are painting, wearing a respirator will keep you and your lungs safe. A normal respirator has a cartridge that filters chemicals every time you breathe in. But, to ensure the respirator works properly and keeps the harmful chemicals away, it’s crucial to exchange the cartridge regularly. An old cartridge can fail to prevent the toxic air from entering into your body when you are using a spray gun. Many professional workshops need to pass the law that a respirator is perfectly fitted and optimal protection.  



2) Paint in a Ventilated Space


Many harmful chemicals called VOC (volatile organic compound) are present in the solvents and paints. These chemicals are released in the air immediately as you open paint can. Even if your job is done, these chemicals stick in the air and objects for 3 days.


That makes spray booths to meet the strict ventilation standards. If you are a DIY-er, never spray paint in a congested or close place. Try to spray in an open or a place that has enough ventilation. You can install an exhaust fan to remove the harmful fumes from the air.


3) Handle Spills Carefully and Immediately


Stop what you are doing and handle the spill. The paint can cause various physical harms and nobody should step on it. Moreover, stepping on the spill can lead to foot tracks everywhere on the surface that could be hard to clean. You can keep the paint can lids tightly closed when not using it.


4) Cover your Skin


As we already know that chemicals from paint can affect your lungs, they can be harmful to your skin as well. Many paints contain isocyanates and polyurethane, which are toxic to your skin and lungs. It’s safe to cover every part of your body. You can wear the full-body covering paint suit with a hood. The suit can also have nitrile gloves and you can buy safety glasses to protect your eyes from getting exposed to harmful elements. These are the personal protective equipment (PPE).


5) Pay Attention to Paint Product’s MSDS


It’s important to read the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) thoroughly to discover is there are any harmful toxins. Many paint manufacturers make this available online too. So you can search for a specific product and go through its MSDS anytime.


Wrapping Up


These tips will help both professionals and DIY lovers. Using these tips will lead to safe and complete car paint. Apart from car paint, you can even get the Smash Repairs Melbourne in just one call. So get in touch with the experts right away! 


Source: 5 Safety Tips Right from the Professional Car Spray Painter