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Reasons Your Next Car Should NOT Be An SUV

If you're in the market for cars for sale in Dubbo, you might have heard that an SUV is the best option for safety and fuel efficiency. But buying a small SUV could actually cost you more money and use more gas than other vehicles on the road. 


So before you head to the dealership (or even start looking online), make sure you consider these five reasons why SUVs aren't always worth it:


1. SUVs are expensive


The biggest reason to avoid buying an SUV is the cost while you go for cars for sale in Dubbo. Depending on which model you choose, they can be significantly pricier than other options—even some that look like they'd be cheaper. 


While a sedan or minivan could cost thousands less than an SUV at sticker price, once you factor in things like gas mileage, insurance, and maintenance costs over the life of your vehicle (and the hidden costs involved with owning any car), it might not make sense for you to pay more for less space and fewer features just because "SUV" sounds cool.


In fact, if we're being honest, SUVs are not cool! They're huge and kind of dumb looking; why would anyone want one?


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2. SUVs use more gas


While SUVs are larger, they can't carry as much cargo as similarly-sized vehicles. If you're looking to haul purchased goods or family members, you'll need to purchase something that's not an SUV.


SUVs also use more gas than sedans and minivans because of their size and weight. They're heavier than other cars, so they consume more fuel per mile. The increased size of SUVs also makes them less aerodynamic and less fuel efficient, because it takes more energy to go the same distance when moving slower.


3. SUVs are not safer than sedans or minivans, as many people believe


If you're an SUV fan, you've probably heard the common refrain: "SUVs are safer than other cars." Well, it's time to put that idea to rest once and for all.

Let's start with a quick overview of what makes a car less safe. The three main factors are:


Weight—the more weight a car has, the harder it is to stop; weight is also one of the biggest factors in how well a car can absorb impact when hit by another vehicle or stationary object (like an animal crossing the road)


Center of gravity—this refers to how far down in your vehicle's frame things like batteries and fuel tanks are located; higher centers of gravity mean a greater risk of rollovers and other accidents


A number of wheels— four-wheeled vehicles have lower centers of gravity than two-wheeled ones.


4. SUVs can be hard to drive


If you're looking for a vehicle that's easy to drive and park during cars for sale Dubbo, an SUV isn't the best choice. SUVs can be hard to handle in tight spaces and have less visibility than other types of cars.


An SUV isn't the best choice if you're looking for a family car that can fit more than one child safety seat in the backseat. Although most SUVs will accommodate two or three children's car seats, they won't provide enough space for four passengers and their cargo because they are so high off the ground.


If you're looking for a comfortable ride, an SUV isn't the best choice; instead of having soft cushions, many SUVs have stiff bucket seats that don't lend themselves well to long trips or road trips with multiple passengers sitting in them for hours at a time.




That said, if you’re a family with kids and you need to carry cargo, an SUV might be the right choice for you. But if that’s not your situation and you just want a vehicle that can seat five comfortably and get decent fuel economy, there are other options out there.